Firm History

Offit & Roth’s story begins with the firm’s founder, Sylvan Offit, whose vision for a unique type of accounting firm started more than 60 years ago. Offit started his accounting career in 1950, and after five years working for one of the largest CPA firms in Baltimore, went out on his own in 1955, founding Sylvan Offit, CPA. A year later, Offit brought on a partner, Gunther Borris from his former firm, and formed Offit & Borris, PA. Over the next 10 plus years, the company experienced explosive growth, but by 1970, Offit realized that the business philosophy of exponential growth didn’t match up with his personal vision of overseeing every job to ensure hands-on service for his clients. After an amicable split with his former partner and staff in 1971, Offit set off on a new course, forming Offit, Kahn and Berman.

In 1972, Alan Roth joined his father-in-law and went on to become partner in 1979, when the firm was renamed Offit, Kahn, Berman and Roth. And, in 1984, Offit amicably parted ways with his partners to become Offit & Roth, PA, which to this day, remains synonymous with client-focused, exceptional accounting services and unparalleled tax solutions.

Sylvan Offit was not afraid of hard work and long hours, and was committed to developing a business model focused on personalized, expert tax and accounting solutions for every client, large and small. This unique approach to customer service has been the hallmark of Offit & Roth from the onset, creating a special niche for the firm. To Offit, his clients were like his family.

Sylvan Offit passed away at the age of 86 in January 2012, but his legacy and his business philosophy lives on in the firm’s leadership of Alan Roth and Michael Roth.

Alan Roth led the firm’s strategic reorganization to ensure the hallmark customer service and high level accounting expertise remained strong for the future. The firm’s current staff of 10 includes industry renowned and highly respected CPAs and tax, financial and accounting specialists. Roth’s forward thinking strategy also included investment in the most advanced tax and accounting software typically found only in the larger CPA firms.

The Offit & Roth of today continues to be a trusted financial and tax advisor to some of the region’s largest corporations thanks to its ongoing commitment to superior, personalized, hands-on accounting services and solutions that live up to its mantra – “We’re there when you need us.”